My journey began at a small town in west Ukraine called Stryi. In a pursuit of a better life, my parents latched onto the opportunity to immigrate to America. My life restarted at the age of ten in a completely foreign country. While the transition was difficult, I had the ability to embrace it over the course of middle and high school and was able to grasp the language and culture. This exposure to forced adaptation has pushed me to seek new experiences and continues to motivate my travels around the world

During that time I simultaneously developed a high work ethic and unwavering determination. I pushed myself to succeed in my education and was able to work my way up toward studying at University of California, San Diego. Currently I am on my third year of a Management Science degree with aspirations to pursue graduate school after my bachelors. In my spare time I volunteer at the Ukrainian house where my roots continue to be reinforced and can be spread to others.